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Baden-Powell’s BeadsBaden-Powell’s Beads

Doctor David Freeman is given a strange wooden bead by a dying patient in Memphis, Tennessee, and finds himself pursued by a murderous band of Zulus, thought to be responsible for the gruesome murders of three elderly gentlemen in London, England. Homeland Security agents, Patrick Dartson and Adnan , are assigned the case and discover Freeman's bead to be one of twenty-four passed along to the world's first Scoutmasters in 1919 by Lord Baden-Powell in England. The Zulus are not content to merely steal the talisman, but feel it necessary to ritually behead the owner in order to restore the bead's power. Unclear if others are also in pursuit, the agents devise a plot to capture the Zulus alive during the beheading ritual. But this involves putting Freeman and his girlfriend, Pam Blanchard, in danger.

The tale culminates in a dramatic rescue from an abandoned gas station in Memphis during a raging thunderstorm and tornado, and sets the stage for the second of this four-book series that takes us through London, Ethiopia, and finally, Jerusalem. Though this is a work of fiction, the history of the beads is accurate.

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London Beads (Book 2)Baden-Powell's Beads: London (Book 2)

The mystery of the beads continues.

Homeland Security agents, Patrick Dartson and Adnan Fazeph, are at their base in Washington D.C. when a beautiful, Mediterranean seductress, Cheri Hassan, confronts them about the Zulu beads. One day later, Patrick receives a panicked call from Memphis nurse, Pam Blanchard, concerned that a dangerous and sexy woman is asking for Dr. David Freeman, a holder of the Zulu bead. Freeman receives a cryptic letter from England, strongly requesting an audience.

All roads lead to London where we learn more of the beads’ history and how they came to South Africa. What do Arabs working through Scotland Yard want with them? How and why are the Rastafarians involved? Why would someone pay Cheri one million pounds per bead? What makes them worth the life of one of our four heroes? And why are those hunting the beads so anxious to get them out of London?

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Aksum, Book 3 of the Beads SagaBaden-Powell's Beads: Aksum (Book 3)

Patrick, Adnan, and Pam, now all bead holders, travel back to a nuclear devastated London where they experience some of the beads’ mysticism. The agents follow terrorists’ leads to a camp in Aksum, Ethiopia. There, they discover the long history of the beads that stretches back in time to their creation in ancient Egypt by the Biblical character, Bezaleel.

The Homeland Security agents feel a growing connection between a worldwide terrorist threat and Baden-Powell’s beads. Adnan infiltrates the terrorist training camp in Aksum and endures the torturous initiation to gain the confidence of its leader, Zera Selassie, the 227th descendant of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Zera’s army, composed of Islamic extremists and Rastafarian henchman, grows rapidly. His spies return from South Africa with five of the original beads, and he reunites them with the Arc of the Covenant, sequestered beneath an ancient church in Aksum. Unbelievable power, the power to lead a conquering army, surges through him, and the die is cast for world domination, if only he could acquire all the beads, including those of our heroes.

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Jerusalem (Beads, Book 4)Baden-Powell's Beads: Jerusalem (Book 4)

A second threat to mankind emerges. Ancient predictions begin to play out. The President of the United States is persuaded to let the Homeland Security team of Patrick, Adnan, and now Pam follow leads in the Middle East. Simultaneously, the world’s scientific community hatches a desperate scheme to protect the planet from ultimate destruction by a monstrous asteroid. The long predicted, cataclysmic event that would destroy life on Earth seems inevitable.

Thirteen very old men, each holders of an original bead, assemble in an ancient castle in southern England. They’ve known this day would come. Will their efforts be enough?

Events from thousands of years ago and woven into the fabric of the first three books converge upon our heroes beneath the Dome of the Rock in ancient Jerusalem. Can Patrick put the pieces together in time? How can they possibly play out the scene which requires the death of all but one of the holders of the beads? And even if successful, what will be left of Earth and mankind?

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